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Results you should expect after a Gynecomastia Surgery

Results you should expect after a Gynecomastia Surgery

Once you have undergone gynecomastia treatment in Mumbai you should be able to see an improvement straightaway in the shape of your chest as well as how it appears. Normally, after such a surgery there is some swelling. However, once that subsides you should see some significant improvement in this case as well. Normally, your final physique comes to fruition within 3 to 6 months of the surgery. It is true that for some days you would feel some pain. However, the pain is expected to be minimal. In some cases, some pain medication would be prescribed by your cosmetic surgeon but in most cases, you would see that over the counter options are more than sufficient to ease the pain.

If the surgeon gives you a compression garment you should definitely wear it. This will make sure that you stay as comfortable after such an operation, and it would support your new chest contour as well. At the same time, it would help your chest get better in an optimal manner as well.

How well would you heal?

You need to keep in mind in this context that all patients have their own pace of healing. However, most of the time, it has been seen that patients are ready to resume work and natural lives only a few days following the surgery. Nevertheless, in this regard, a lot also depends on the kind of work that they do. In some cases, you may feel a loss of sensation in the areas that have been treated in the gynecomastia surgery in Mumbai but this is always temporary in nature. Such sensation normally comes back over the course of the months that follow the surgery.

In these cases, it is normal to have scars in spite of the best efforts of your surgeon. However, you can be sure that with the passage of time these would fade as well. Depending on the kind of procedure that has been followed in your case it is not unusual to experience some surgical drain. This is done in order to remove the additional fluid and blood that has accumulated in the area that has been operated upon. More often than not the period of recovery from such a surgical process happens to be a gentle one. A lot also depends on the extent to which you follow the instructions of your surgeon.

How to maintain the improved shape of your chest?

The results of these surgeries are supposed to be permanent in nature. These surgeries are capable of reducing all the extra fat, skin, and glandular tissue from your affected area. However, you have a certain responsibility in this regard as well and this is where maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes so very important in every sense of the word. If you gain significant weight again or consume steroids then the problem could recur again. In certain drugs that affect the levels of testosterone in your body can affect the results as well. You can be sure that you would get the best advice in this regard from a certified and experienced surgeon.

Get Your Masculine Look Back With Gynecomastia Treatment For Flatter And Firmer Chest

Get Your Masculine Look Back With Gynecomastia Treatment For Flatter And Firmer Chest

Gynecomastia is a condition where breasts get enlarge in adult men due to excessive growth of tissue. The breasts of a normal man have adipose and glandular tissue that is localized under the nipple in a small lump. The growth of the glandular tissue is the condition termed as gynecomastia. Read more »

What are the factors that affect the cost of Gynecomastia surgery?

What are the factors that affect the cost of Gynecomastia surgery?

Gynecomastia is a condition in which male breasts enlarge due to many factors like lifestyle living, hereditary, etc. Hence, today many men go for gynecomastia surgery in which the breast is reduced to look like a normal chest of any men without any bulge. There are many factors for which males go for this type of surgery, some people face a lot of embarrassment and become a thing for fun to tease, etc. But now they do not have to worry with promising and cost effective gynecomastia surgery cost in Mumbai. People who were ever dreaming of getting this surgery done can get it done without any hidden costs.

While you are looking forward to getting done your gynecomastia surgery, it is highly important to go for a good professional doctor who can treat the problem well. Dr. Parag Vibhakar has been in this industry for last several years and has successfully completed a lot of such surgeries. The cost is minimal as compared to what other doctors’ charge in the same industry. Mumbai is the place where people think about reliable doctors and hospitals. Dr. Parag’s clinic is highly recommended that has low gynecomastia liposuction cost surgery. He is a board certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon having a special interest in different cosmetic surgeries. His expertise is in the field of body contouring, liposuction, facial rejuvenation, breast cosmetic surgery and Rhinoplasty.

Gynecomastia Cure is one of the finest clinics to avail low gynecomastia treatment cost. To get breast surgery done with reliable treatment is very difficult to find these days, Dr Vibhakar clinic is well known in this industry and people from far off places come to this clinic for the treatment. He has extensive training and knowledge in Plastic and cosmetic surgery, he has been practising along with renowned master surgeon in India and Abroad. Dr. Vibhakar is a very well known in the industry where cosmetic surgery comes into the picture. Having attained Masters in Surgery and Plastic surgery from Topiwala National Medical College and Nair hospital, he has truly mastered the skills and knowledge for the same.

Now, let us discuss how much does gynecomastia liposuction cost and how it is the best effective methods to treat enlarge breasts.

So before beginning with it, one must understand that Gynecomastia surgery is a cosmetic surgery and hence it requires special surgeons those having skills. gynecomastia surgery cost in Mumbai highly depends on varied aspects of the practice and to what extent the surgery needs to be performed. Some cases, patients may find the difference in cost with the same practice. Listed below are the prime focused points where the cost factor for the surgery matters:

a. The location – the location can reflect overall cost of the surgery, it depends on the cost of living at geographical locations.
b. The Fee of the Cosmetic surgeon – It is an important component for realizing the cost of the surgery. Surgeons are highly mastered and skilled and they are at different levels of experience. Higher the qualification and experience higher the fees.
c. Nature of the surgery and to what extent it is needed is also an important driving factor determining the cost.

Best Way to Choose Best Gynecomastia Treatment In Mumbai

Best Way to Choose Best Gynecomastia Treatment In Mumbai

When searching for the most reliable gynecomastia treatment in Mumbai , there are three main factors that will influence your decision-making process. These include price, location, and the doctor’s level of education and experience. It is crucial to get in touch with a doctor you can afford to pay. However, you must ascertain that they are not charging less to hide their incompetence. Additionally, you should pick a location that is more accessible from where you live. As there are a lot of clinics that claim to offer the best gynecomastia therapy, you can easily get confused. This is why you should read on to discover how you determine the right doctor.

1. Find out if a doctor is a qualified practitioner

It goes without saying that Mumbai has many doctors who claim to be specialists in the removal of male breasts. But, how can you tell who among them is qualified? It is imperative to evaluate each practitioner you come across online. Make a call and ask general questions about your condition. Alternatively, send a detailed email with specific questions you would want to be answered prior to buying their service. If you get inconclusive, lazy and sloppy answers, move on. Additionally, be careful about a gyno who sounds over confident and can’t provide evidence that he or she is well-educated and tested in the field. Someone who lacks proven experience and says that they practice at a reputable institution shouldn’t be picked. An informative website with accurate information about male breast reduction techniques is a plus.

2. Assess a doctor to know if they bother to build a rapport with clients

A great doctor boasts the ability to build a good relationship with each of their patients. If you call one who goes straight to their pricing models, move to the next option. You see, it is the doctor to hold a sober discussion with you about your condition and how it has changed your life negatively. If they don’t plan to change your perception about the condition, and to motivate you, get a better offer. An ideal doctor should request you to visit his clinic for a thorough examination. In case they just want to sell without educating you first, simply assume they have no passion for their work.

3.Readiness to speak about gyno treatment options that work

Cheap doctors promise easier treatments that don’t work. So, if you come across a doctor who suggests surgery, hang around a bit longer. Surgery is the ultimate way to get rid of male breasts. And as they speak about surgery, they should mention that there will be incisions made and that slight scarring might occur. Massive scarring across your chest is unacceptable. Moreover, a physician who truly wants the best for you will explain the pros and cons of each surgical treatment. If they suggest certain drugs without taking your blood samples first, you should raise a red flag.

4. Choose a doctor who understands the recovery process

Your main concern should be more than getting rid of male breasts. If you go to work or have a business to run, you want to know how the new surgical procedure might affect your schedule. Will there be swelling and pain? And if so, how long will this last? As well, find out the strenuous activities you cannot do and until when.

Final tips

Always ask for the doctor’s copies of education certificates and a proof of the projects they did before. Consult to know whether he or she does surgery in a fully-equipped hospital theater or a health spa.

What are the New Gyno Treatment Technique with safe procedure?

What are the New Gyno Treatment Technique with safe procedure?

Gynecomastia is a condition in men in which there is enlargement of the gland tissue of male breast. It is very common and can happen at any age during infancy, puberty or middle aged men. It is basically the deposit of fats on the breast of the men. There are many causes of Gynecomastia , the most common being the imbalance in hormone levels. Such people have higher levels of estrogen that is female hormones as compared to androgens that is male hormones. When puberty strikes, there may be many kind of fluctuations, it could be decline or rise of hormones that results in some temporary state that mainly has estrogens at high levels. Different individuals have different percentage of prevalence of estrogens, some may have as low as 4% while some may have as high as 69% in adolescent boys.

These are the transient changes that occur in male hormonal levels and usually go away in a time span of six months to two years period. The Gynecomastia Treatment Mumbai is available at Gynecomastia cure headed by Dr. Parag Vibhakar. He has performed over thousands of surgical operations treating Gynecomastia and helping them get rid of their male breasts permanently. He is a board certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon having special interest in doing different kinds of cosmetic surgeries. He is an expert surgeon in body contouring, liposuction, breast cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation. He has also performed surgeries like microvascular, burns, trauma related, maxillofacial and more. Refer to website to find more details of Best Gyno treatments available.

The main reason for the Gyno treatment is reducing the breast size in men; somehow men get embarrassed due to enlarged breast because that looks too feminine. There are different methods that can be used for Gynecomastia Treatment Mumbai , like Liposuction, excision, cutting excess glandular tissue or both combined methods could be used. However, it is highly important to get the treatment and surgery done from board certified surgeon for a successful removal of extra fat in the breast. Gynecomastia has nothing to do with your health, its just a general deposits of extra fat in the body due to hormonal changes or in some cases can also be hereditary but not necessarily may be the reasons.

Gynecomastia is a surgical procedure to correct the deformities of the breast and areola in the males. Varied procedures can be done but most largely also depends on the skin type and how the skin will cope after the surgery is performed. The most common method used is intra areolar incision that extends along the areola of the bottom half. The length of the incision mainly also depends on the anatomy of the body. Many severe cases of Gynecomastia may want to move the nipple or skin resection. Recently, people are going for minimal invasive gynecomastia surgical process in which a very small incision is made at the areolar edge. Alongside, Ultrasonic liposuction is gaining popularity because there is less compromise on the blood supply, areola slough and nipple distortion. offers the best surgical processes with great results.

Best Gynecomastia Surgery – Pick The Right Doctor For Your Gynaecomastia Surgery

Best Gynecomastia Surgery – Pick The Right Doctor For Your Gynaecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia is a serious condition today and many males loose much of their confidence due to this condition of enlarged breasts. Although, there is no known reason for the actual increment to the size of the Male breasts but it has been highly noted such cases occur due to genetics, lifestyle, medication
or sometimes the reserve for fat cells in the body. No amount of medication can cure this condition so the permanent cure is to opt for Gynecomastia Surgery. It’s a Male Breast Reduction surgery that helps to remove the excess part of the male breasts. Its specifically a Man Breast Operation that will help look your Chest more tighter and firmer and get you back your confidence. The concept of Gynecomastia Surgery is new in India as not many people prefer going under the knife and do a Cosmetic surgery but recently the views are changing and more people are getting self-conscious. It’s a healthy surgery that is safe and without any side effects.

Although more and more people are thinking and getting aware about their condition and thinking of Gynecomastia Surgery. It is highly important to search the right doctor for the operation. There are many factors that one should consider before opting for a surgeon. You have to make sure which is right for you and you are completely satisfied with your queries. is one of the reliable names in India for your breast reduction surgery. Dr. Parag Vibhakar has been a successful surgeon and has performed over thousands of Male Breast Reduction surgeries till date. He has the Best skilled doctors and all are highly professional using the latest technology to do the surgeries.

You should opt for a doctor who has good amount of experience and have handled many cases for Gynecomastia condition. At Dr. Parag’s clinic you can see a number of successful cases and happy patients. The facility over the center is highly hygienic and gives you the best feeling and comfort. To select the best doctor you need to check on their accreditation, certificates and images of before and after surgery that the doctor has performed. This will give you a neat idea about the set-up, the doctors, the experiences, the facilities, etc. and if possible you can also talk to the patients who have already experienced the surgery.

Today, there are numerous sources available online for Male Breast Reduction. You can explore few websites, weigh the pros and cons and get the best doctor. Surgery is the only solution for reduction of the male breasts and no claim of any medicines have ever come true. So select the best reliable doctor, Dr. Parag Vibhakar has performed many liposuction surgeries to extract the fat glands. As a patient, you should be well aware about the before and after procedures for the surgery so you can make all your doubts clear at the center. Once you do male reduction surgery, it is highly important to takeproper care and follow instructions given by your doctor.