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What are the New Gyno Treatment Technique with safe procedure?

What are the New Gyno Treatment Technique with safe procedure?

Gynecomastia is a condition in men in which there is enlargement of the gland tissue of male breast. It is very common and can happen at any age during infancy, puberty or middle aged men. It is basically the deposit of fats on the breast of the men. There are many causes of Gynecomastia , the most common being the imbalance in hormone levels. Such people have higher levels of estrogen that is female hormones as compared to androgens that is male hormones. When puberty strikes, there may be many kind of fluctuations, it could be decline or rise of hormones that results in some temporary state that mainly has estrogens at high levels. Different individuals have different percentage of prevalence of estrogens, some may have as low as 4% while some may have as high as 69% in adolescent boys.

These are the transient changes that occur in male hormonal levels and usually go away in a time span of six months to two years period. The Gynecomastia Treatment Mumbai is available at Gynecomastia cure headed by Dr. Parag Vibhakar. He has performed over thousands of surgical operations treating Gynecomastia and helping them get rid of their male breasts permanently. He is a board certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon having special interest in doing different kinds of cosmetic surgeries. He is an expert surgeon in body contouring, liposuction, breast cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation. He has also performed surgeries like microvascular, burns, trauma related, maxillofacial and more. Refer to website to find more details of Best Gyno treatments available.

The main reason for the Gyno treatment is reducing the breast size in men; somehow men get embarrassed due to enlarged breast because that looks too feminine. There are different methods that can be used for Gynecomastia Treatment Mumbai , like Liposuction, excision, cutting excess glandular tissue or both combined methods could be used. However, it is highly important to get the treatment and surgery done from board certified surgeon for a successful removal of extra fat in the breast. Gynecomastia has nothing to do with your health, its just a general deposits of extra fat in the body due to hormonal changes or in some cases can also be hereditary but not necessarily may be the reasons.

Gynecomastia is a surgical procedure to correct the deformities of the breast and areola in the males. Varied procedures can be done but most largely also depends on the skin type and how the skin will cope after the surgery is performed. The most common method used is intra areolar incision that extends along the areola of the bottom half. The length of the incision mainly also depends on the anatomy of the body. Many severe cases of Gynecomastia may want to move the nipple or skin resection. Recently, people are going for minimal invasive gynecomastia surgical process in which a very small incision is made at the areolar edge. Alongside, Ultrasonic liposuction is gaining popularity because there is less compromise on the blood supply, areola slough and nipple distortion. offers the best surgical processes with great results.