Get Your Masculine Look Back With Gynecomastia Treatment For Flatter And Firmer Chest

Get Your Masculine Look Back With Gynecomastia Treatment For Flatter And Firmer Chest

Gynecomastia is a condition where breasts get enlarge in adult men due to excessive growth of tissue. The breasts of a normal man have adipose and glandular tissue that is localized under the nipple in a small lump. The growth of the glandular tissue is the condition termed as gynecomastia. The onset of gynecomastia is mostly in the adolescent age of 14 to 18 years. It may appear in rare occasions at a much younger age. Not much is known about its causes but it is strongly linked to hormonal imbalance during puberty. Other reasons include genetics, lifestyle, and medication. When such cases occur, most do not need treatment as the breasts get back to their usual size on their own.

There are conditions that are similar to gynecomastia. These are caused by fat collecting around the areola. This is a condition that goes by several names. These include pseudo-gynecomastia and lipomastia/adipmostia. Gynecomastia, however, is a condition that is serious and causes many of those with it to lose their confidence. They will wear baggy clothes and many of them will have a hunched stance to conceal their enlarge breasts.

However, this is not a condition to be ashamed of. It also has a cure too. There is no medication that can permanently get rid of the condition but gynecomastia surgery. It is a procedure that removes that excess glandular tissue in a male. The surgery will make your chest tighter and more firm and restore your confidence. It is a new concept in India and you can get gynecomastia specialist in Mumbai. Many are opposed to the idea of going under the knife however views are changing with the realization that the procedure is healthy and does not have side effects. There are also other ways of treating pseudo-gynecomastia and lipomastia/adipmostia some of which are invasive and non-invasive.

Ways of treating gynecomastia with an open surgical procedure include:

  • Open surgical procedure
  • Endoscopic surgery
  • Liposuction

Open Surgical Procedure
In the severe cases of the condition, surgeons can do an open surgery. A moderate cut is made and excess skin and glandular tissue are removed. The procedure is not recommended for children in puberty until it is complete. It is because breast tissue can grow again if adolescence is not complete. This procedure can be done by the best gynecomastia surgeon in Mumbai of Gynecomastia Cure.

Endoscopic Surgery
Another way to treat gynecomastia is endoscopic surgery. This technic is not as invasive as the open surgical procedure. The surgeon inserts an endoscope under the skin and examines the breasts inside. This procedure enables the surgeon to remove the glandular tissue without making a larger surgical opening.

Liposuction is a procedure that does not leave a scar. One way of doing it is by lipectomy where the surgeon operates the edges of the breasts. This procedure does not have side effects on the patient. This procedure is most recommended for people with pseudo-gynecomastia and lipomastia/adipmostia.

With any of the above procedures, you are certain to get the masculine look back.

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