When considering male breast removal surgery, you should be aware that although the main techniques are invasive, some are less invasive than others. Liposuction will be carried out first, and will usually require a general anesthetic although a local can sometimes be used. Often the fat is sucked out but at times when it is glandular tissue, which will be cut out.

The majorities of men are more than happy with the final results and obtain a chest that is sculptured and has a fully masculine look. When they see the result, it is worth the cost for male breast reduction surgery. It will take around an hour or two to perform the surgery and often it is possible to go home the same day although a day or two stay may be required. It is very little in the way of recovery needed and although a lot of physical activities cannot be carried out for a while normal life and exercise can resume in about 6 weeks.

Many Americans fly to India in order to have this surgery carried out and the main reason for this is the male breast reduction surgery cost. A top surgeon will charge around 1700 USD, although prices will vary from doctor to doctor. At Gynecomastia Cure cost for gynecomastia surgery depends on:

  • Size of chest
  • Hospital chosen
  • Bed type chosen

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