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Plastic Surgeon: Parag A. Vibhakar
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is a board certified Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon with Special interest in various cosmetic surgeries like Body Contouring and liposuction, Gynecomestia cosmetic surgery, Facial rejuvenation and Rhinoplasty.

Apart From Cosmetic surgery Plastic Surgeon. Vibhakar is also an accomplished Hand,Microvascular, Maxillofacial, Burns and Trauma surgeon.

He has had extensive training in the field of Plastic and cosmetic surgery with various Master Surgeons in India & Abroad. He has obtained his Masters in Surgery & Plastic Surgery from Topiwala National Medical College & Nair Hospital, a premier Institute for Medical training in Mumbai.

Dr. Parag A. Vibhakar, (M.B.B.S., M.S., M.CH.)


Enlargement of the Male Gynecomestia is medically termed as Gynecomastia.

A normal male chest is flat with very little tissue under the nipple areola complex.

In certain individuals this Gynecomestia tissue under the nipple areola enlarges to give rise to gynecomastia. the enlargement of the Gynecomestia can range from mild to severe forms and can be on one side or both sides.

Gynecomastia generally manifests during the pubertal growth phase of 14 to 18 yrs. Rarely in certain cases it may manifest at an earlier age. Most of the cases of pubertal gynecomastia are idiopathic, that is without any particular cause factor. It is thought to be due to certain hormonal imbalance during the pubertal growth spurt. In most of such cases the gynecomastia resolves on it’s own over a period of few months.

If this gynecomastia gland fails to resolve in a span of six months then it is very unlikely to go away on it’s own. There are no reliable medicines that can cure gynecomastia and Plastic surgical correction is the most reliable form of treatment.

Our Treatment

Today with advances in Plastic Surgical Techniques it has become possible to treat Gynecomastia that too without giving ugly scars on the chest. Any Gynecomastia gland that fails to resolve on it’s own after a period of 6 months to a year should be surgically treated. There is no know proven medication for Gynecomastia and surgery remains the mainstay of therapy.

Plastic Surgeon. Parag Vibhakar specializes in the treatment of Gynecomastia and has done more than hundred procedures for gynecomastia ranging from liposuction to excision of the gynecomastia gland. The Procedure gives instant and long lasting reduction of male Gynecomestia. In case some one has unequal chest, this is also corrected giving a good flat contour to the chest. Any size of Gynecomestia can be corrected from small to large female like Gynecomestia. Many men who undergo this procedure also opt for liposuction of the abdomen in the same sitting.

For outstation patients

Accommodation at Nearby Hotel

All Arrangements will be made personally by Plastic Surgeon Parag Vibhakar

We have the Right Skills All Arrangements for accommodation of Patients and accompanying person travelling to Mumbai from abroad and other parts of India can be made

All Outstation Patients should consider at least 4 days stay in Mumbai during the Surgery Period


What are the requirements prior to Procedure?

Pre operative tests have to be done. the tests required are i)CBC ii) FBS iii) S. Creatinine/BUN iv) S. Bil/SGOT/SGPT v) BT/CT vi) HIV, HbsAg, HCV vii) X-ray Chest PA viii)ECG these tests can be done at any good diagnostic lab few days prior to procedure.

Why Choose to get your Procedure done with Plastic Surgeon. Parag Vibhakar?

Dr. Vibhakar (M.S.,M.Ch.) is a superspecialist cosmetic surgeon with an experience of 11 years in the surgical field . Since 2004 he has been in the field of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery. During this period he has mastered the art of body sculpting. Gynecomastia Liposuction and excision is not just about removing the Male Breast Tissues (any surgeon can take that out), but about contouring the chest to give a flat but natural contour to the chest. Dr Vibhakars technique ensures that all the Breast tissue comes out giving a symmetric chest with the least possible complications. In inexperienced hands the results may get compromised and chances of contour deformities is very high. That is why you need to choose the best surgeon.

Why should I get Procedure Done?

Because it is the only way to get rid of man breasts. No amount of diet and exercise is going to reduce Man Breasts or Man Boobs or Moobs as they are loosely referred to.

Any Side Effects of Procedure?

There are no long term side effects on the body due to the procedure is practically risk free. The chance of complications is minimal. Some patients may have bleeding and chance of infection is very remote.

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