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Breast Reduction Surgery for Men – Aesthetic and Health Benefits

The first benefit of male breast reduction surgery in Mumbai is that it improves your confidence and increases your self-esteem. If you have gynecomastia you could become insecure about your own body. That, in turn, can lead to depression as well. There is a high chance of this happening. The problem with this issue is that it cannot be resolved by making a few lifestyle changes. When your chest is flatter and firmer it increases in an instant your self-esteem. In case you have been suffering from gynecomastia for long this is helpful indeed. When your chests are flatter you are able to wear fitted clothing that looks good on you as well.

You have more of a masculine physique

This is one of the biggest benefits of male breast reduction surgery in Mumbai. If as a man someone says your body is like that of a woman it is not a compliment at all. The problem is that if you suffer from gynecomastia you would be made to feel like someone whose physique is not at par with the male gender. With the help of male breast reduction surgery, the extra fatty tissue would be removed from your chests and they would become a lot flatter as well.

It makes doing physical activity easier

When you have a big chest with a lot of fatty tissue it can make most of the physical activities uncomfortable. This is where male breast reduction surgery in Mumbai can play such a major role. Not only would you find it more difficult to perform exercises such as jumping and running, but they would cause you plenty of embarrassment as well. Women with such condition can take recourse to athletic bras that are designed to keep their breasts in place and stop the pain when they are working out but men do not have any such option.

It improves your posture

When your chests are substantial your posture can be affected in a bad way as a result. In such a condition your upper spine could become rounder and it can lose its shape as well. This is why you need male breast reduction surgery in Mumbai to address the situation properly. If you do not address the problem it can become worse. With the passage of time, the hump can become an everlasting one and you can start suffering from chronic spinal pain as well. Yet another bad effect of such a condition is that your core becomes weaker as well.

It frees your mind
More than anything else, male breast reduction surgery in Mumbai helps you achieve a more positive mindset because of your improved physical shape and health. Normally, if you think too much about your body it can fill your mind with bad thoughts only. In fact, if you have gynecomastia there is a good chance that you can have really high levels of anxiety and that too at all times! You are always busy thinking of the right dress since you are worried about hiding your male breasts and appearing more presentable.

Male Breast Reduction Treatment Choices You Should Be Familiar With

Male Breast Reduction Treatment Choices You Should Be Familiar With

There are two main ways in which male breasts can be reduced – liposuction and tissue excision.

What is liposuction?

Liposuction seems to be the most obvious option out there as far as treating gynecomastia is concerned. Much of this is because of the advancements that have happened in this particular technology over the years. Thanks to said improvement it is now possible to have a greater selection of techniques that are a lot less invasive. The skill of the surgeon also plays a major role over here. This is why it is so important that you choose a surgeon who has received proper training in such a form of surgery.
The concerned surgeon should also have proper experience in having performed such surgeries earlier on.

What is tissue excision?

In the cases of gynecomastia, which are more severe, surgical tissue excision may be needed to get the best possible results. If you have sagging and stretched skin in and around your chest area you would need this surgery as well. With the help of tissue excisions, the cosmetic surgeon would be able to remove a lot of glandular skin or tissue. Normally these are parts that cannot be removed by liposuction only. The length and location of the incision are usually dependent on the extent of surgical work that is necessary in these cases. In most cases, the surgery happens along the areola’s edge and the natural creases of your chest.

How is liposuction done?

In these cases, local anesthesia along with sedation is used. This is also applicable for gynecomastia treatment in Mumbai. The other such option in this regard would be general anesthesia. The surgeons, in this case, make small incisions on each side of your chest. The location could either be within your armpit or a part of the edge of your areola. It all depends on your requirements as well as the kind of techniques that the surgeon normally uses.

It is through these incisions that the surgeon removes the extra fat, as well as glandular tissue. At the same time, through this operation, the surgeon also sculpts a new contour for your chest that would seem to be natural for your body.

The recovery process from these surgeries

The recovery process following gynecomastia surgery is rather tolerable. In these cases, you would receive a compression garment that you would have to wear during the first couple of weeks after the surgery. This makes sure that there is not much swelling and your healing tissues get some support as well. Normally for around 3 weeks, the doctors would not allow you to take part in any strenuous exercise. But, it has been seen that it does not take more than a few days for most to get back to their normal lives.

In such cases, you need to understand that there is no uniform period for healing from such a surgical procedure. Your pace of healing would be a unique one. Nowadays you get gynecomastia surgery in Mumbai as well.

5 Effective Ways for Removal Of Male Breast Tissue

5 Effective Ways for Removal Of Male Breast Tissue

5 Effective Ways for Removal Of Male Breast Tissue

Male Gynecomastia, which is the growth of breast tissue in males, is considered a medical condition. It might be harmless, but it has some psychological and physical effects that need to be addressed. It is associated with a reduction in the normal amount of testosterone hormone in older men and can be a side effect of medications, or can be related to metabolic problems in teenage men.

This condition has virtually no probabilistic fatal errors that might harm one’s life. There are several methods of treatment for this kind of abnormality, which usually depend on the gravity of the problem and the preference of the patient. Men who are victims greatly prefer non-surgical methods. The preferred noninvasive methods of removal of male breast tissue are described below.

Proper exercises

There are exercises that have been developed specifically for man boob reversal by making the chest muscles tight. These exercises include interval training where you do short, intense workouts and then alternate them with less intense workouts that help you lose the upper chest fat. Pushups can help you to tighten the upper chest muscles and to decrease their size while incline press using dumbbells allows you to elevate your chest fat to avoid a saggy look. The seated row exercise will help you make the pectoral muscles firm.


Breasts are mainly made up of lipids. Reducing your intake of fat can greatly help you lose the male breasts. If you are already eating too much fat, then adopt a low lipid diet so that you can allow the excess fat to burn off your body through exercises. On top of any kind of medication, you might be using, adopting a low-fat diet helps speed up the Gyno treatment process.


If you have a severe case of calcification in your breasts, then breasts reduction by surgery is the next best thing, although it is not sensible because it is risky and expensive. Those who seek instant methods can visit a doctor and undergo surgery. At times, you can only remove man boobs by undergoing surgery, especially if your condition is in the chronic stage .


Some men turn to topical methods to lose their man boobs since most creams are not expensive and they can be acquired easily. However, there exist less expensive surgical procedures, which are seemingly painless. Thinking about creams, they can be used without any special equipment, can be carried around and used anywhere at any time. They have disadvantages too. The result you would get from using the creams and gels is not instant, as in surgery. The results may take the time to manifest if they do show at all. Since the skin does not always allow the chemicals to sink in.


Products that are mainly developed to tend to the Gynecomastia problem in men are available. This kind of medication is very popular in recent times because it is very effective compared to other non-invasive methods. The pills consumed contain ingredients that can be broken down by the body in an effort to get rid of the man boobs. The pills have components that either reduce the levels of estrogen in the body or boost testosterone levels. Both of these actions reduce man boobs. If they seek proper medical care for Gynecomastia Mumbai dwellers will get adequate treatment.

You can learn more about the Gynecomastiacure at With the advances in plastic surgery techniques, it is possible to treat Gynecomastia without leaving unappealing scars on the chest. Dr. Parag Vibhakaris a specialist in Gynecomastia treatment and has performed more than a hundred procedures for this condition in Mumbai. The procedures range from excision of the gynecomastia gland and liposuction. Contact Dr. Vibhakaris now to deal with man boobs.

Proven Methods For Male Breasts Reduction Treatment Revealed – Gynecomastiacure

Proven Methods For Male Breasts Reduction Treatment Revealed – Gynecomastiacure

Gynecomastia is a rare medical condition that occurs in men, it is a scenario where the bosom of the male becomes larger than usual, in this medical condition, the bosom of a man becomes enlarged like a female. It is often called moobs or man boobs. Men who suffer this condition usually experience a low self-esteem; low self-confidence and shy away from any activities that would need them to go shirtless, particularly when around friends for fear of mockery. 50 – 60% of men have been affected with this condition at one point or the other in their lives, with many of the sufferers mostly babies and adolescents.

When this situation occurs in young children, there is typically no need for treatment as they vanish as kids grow into adolescence.

As this can be frustrating, men who have male boobs are usually faced with a daunting task to find the most effective solution to their condition.

Many have asked themselves this important question: ”How can I dispose of my male breast in a safe yet compelling way?”

There are different ways of clearing that shameful bulge on the chest. Gynecomastia happens for the most part because of various medical conditions or a result of hormonal imbalance. People with this condition normally have higher levels of estrogen than the typical level of progesterone present in men. This will, in turn, lead to the development of fatty tissues in the breast region. These fatty tissues will begin to look like a breast. An unhealthy lifestyle, coupled with unhealthy diets can cause these fats to develop. Consumption of alcohol is one of the prevailing causes of development of man breast. This happens in light of the fact that alcohol increases the concentration of estrogen in the body than normal.

Although like it’s stated above, when they occur in young boys, they tend to disappear as they grow older, but for older men, it is important to seek permanent remedy for this disorder.

One of the compelling ways to treat this disease is by undergoing a lifestyle and dietary change. What you eat has a long-standing effect on your total wellbeing. Undergoing chest exercises and cutting down on eating calorie – stacked foods can increase your chances of reducing your male breast. Have a go at taking after a high-fiber and low-fat eating regimen. It helps you experience a compelling weight reduction over a period, which in turn reduces fat.

Medications that come as pills and supplement are usually used for treatment, although it is unclear if it truly reduces the underlying fat in the breast. Incisions made in the chest through plastic surgery to remove the excess fat in the breast are the best treatment for Gyno . Liposuction carried out for male breast reduction offers a new and convenient but innovative approach to male breast reduction than other methods.

Mumbai is growing to become one of the important cities to carry out this surgery. This city is renowned for its high-skilled and qualified cosmetic surgeons that will help you get permanent treatment for that unwanted lump of fat you carry about over your chest region.

Get Masculine Body With Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Get Masculine Body With Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Males today are refined to the new dimension of having confidence that is to look good and dashing. However, most individuals today are health freaks the major cause of concern for many males are their growing breasts. With the trends of wearing fitting clothes, they are less privileged to stay in tune with their colleagues or friends. So what is the reason for enlarged breasts in men. The major reasons for this are yet unknown but so far research has stated it is due to genetics, medications, lifestyle and excess storehouse of fats in the breasts. The Male Boob Reduction surgery is very common today and people are doing a lot of changes in their lifestyle to look good. There is a definite Cure to Get Rid of Man Breasts forever. Dr. Parag Vibhakar is a very well known plastic and cosmetic surgeon having specialization in Tissue Removal from the breasts of men and Gyno Reversal.

Some people are nearly worried about the chances of getting success in any of the surgeries especially when it comes to Plastic surgery as this is the part of cosmetic field not many individuals are interested to do it. But with, you can definitely get best and reliable results. At the center we make use of latest and advanced machines and techniques for the Breasts removal surgery. So lets understand what basically goes into Male Boob Reduction surgery? Well, the surgery done by Dr. Parag is the most finest and reliable known treatment for Gynecomastia. The cosmetic surgery promises to remove the excess fat from the breast of the men getting you a flatter, firm and more masculinity to the appearance of your chest. An estimated, almost 50% of men in United States suffer from some kind of Gynecomastia. It can happen at any age and male boob reduction surgeries are safe and get successful results.

At, there is qualified cosmetic surgeon, the trend of this type of surgery is fast catching up in India and there are very few specialists in the field. It requires a lot of experience and skilled approach to doing a successful surgery. At the center, the teams of doctors are highly skilled and professional in their approach and they perform regular male breast reduction surgeries keeping them on par with what is latest and new. The advancement in plastic surgical techniques has bought over an easy change in the way a person looks and feels about himself. Gynecomastia surgery done by Dr. Parag leave no ugly scars on the chest and makes you more confident than you ever were.

He has done varied surgical treatments for Gynecomastia Cure ranging from excision of the glands, liposuction, etc. the procedure of this surgery gives long lasting effect and is the only permanent cure to remove excess fat from the male breasts. Any doctor who is claiming to give medicine for reduction of the breasts is absolutely a wrong marketing gimmick to sell fake medicines. Surgery is the only solution for treating Gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia Surgery for Gynecomastia Cure – Take a Simple Solution to an Embarrassing Problem

Gynecomastia Surgery for Gynecomastia Cure – Take a Simple Solution to an Embarrassing Problem

Some men develop enlarged breasts due to genetics, the use of certain medicines. This condition is known as Gynecomastia can present itself at any age. Male breast reduction can be carried out successfully and safely on adult males and teenagers alike. The price of this procedure can range from 1000 to 3000 U.S. dollars. This is just an estimate because the actual Gynecomastia surgery cost is determined by the medical facility where the procedure will be carried out and the surgeon performing it.

The higher grades cases of Gynecomastia can be treated through the removal of breast tissue and liposuction. If you have sagging or stretched skin around your breasts, this approach could be suitable. Tissue excision enables the cosmetic surgeon to eliminate a great amount of glandular tissue that cannot be removed with liposuction alone.

The length and location of incisions depend on the extent of tissue that needs to be removed. Typically, surgeons perform the incisions around the edges of the areola or within the chest’s natural creases(rarely). A qualified cosmetic surgeon will make sure that the incisions are made in the best spots so that the scars, which result are inconspicuous.

In most cases, cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai perform male breast reduction as an day care procedure using local or general anesthesia. After undergoing this procedure, it is normal to experience some soreness or swelling. Most patients are ready to return to their normal duties 3 to 5 days after surgery. You can begin exercising gradually after a few weeks.

After undergoing Gynecomastia surgery you will notice an improvement in the appearance and shape of your chest. Although you may feel sore for several days, the pain is often minimal. Your surgeon is likely to prescribe some pain relievers, but you can also use non-prescription pain medication. If the surgeon recommends that you wear a compression garment, make sure that you wear it. This garment will help you remain comfortable and help your chest to heal in an optimal way. After this procedure, some people experience loss of sensation in the areas around the breast, but this is usually temporary.

The results of male breast reduction are permanent. The glandular tissues, excess fat, and skin, which are removed, are gone for good. However, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some of the factors that can cause a recurrence of Gynecomastia include steroid use,extreme weight gain or specific medications. In addition, the drugs that affect testosterone levels may also affect your results. A skilled and board certified cosmetic surgeon such as Dr. Parag Vibhakar can inform you what to do in order to maintain the outcome of this procedure for the long term.

Dr. Parag Vibhakar has performed Gynecomastia surgery successfully for more than a decade. He has worked in the field of reconstructive and plastic surgery since the year 2004. Due to his experience, Dr. Vibhakar is now a master of body sculpting. He will contour your chest to make it appear flat, natural and masculine.

Male breast reduction is the right solution for men who have Gynecomastia. This procedure will make them feel confident about theirappearance. The ideal way to know your options is consulting with our competent cosmetic surgeon.

Gynecomastia Cure – A Complete Guide To The Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Gynecomastia Cure – A Complete Guide To The Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Gynecomastia is swelling of the tissue of the breasts in a man, which is caused by an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen. It occurs if the level of estrogen is higher than that of testosterone. This condition can be treated in various ways if it does not resolve on its own. Some of the methods used are medications and surgery. Male breast reduction surgery is recommended for most cases of Gynecomastia as medications are not proven to be very effective. It involves the removal of breast tissue and the fats surrounding it.

You should not let Gynecomastia keep you from feeling confident. With the assistance of a competent cosmetic surgeon, you will be able to restore the natural masculine look of your chest. The advanced techniques that cosmetic surgeons use allow for short surgery, fast recovery and minimal scarring.

Male breast reduction surgery eradicates glandular tissues and excess fat to ensure that the chest contour of the patient is firmer, flatter and more masculine. Breast operation can be performed in the form of liposuction (Power assisted liposuction)(Microaire technologies), which removes breast fat and the residual breast tissue is removed through a keyhole incision. This procedure is less invasive and has a better recovery time with minimal scarring

Mastectomy can cause complications like necrosis of the areola or nipple, breast asymmetry, possible infection, noticeable scars, hematoma and contour deformities. Surgeons perform this procedure in a personalized way from the beginning to the end. Your surgeon can customize the procedure to meet your preferences. Choosing a competent and qualified surgeon having all the latest technology back up and a good hospital for surgery greatly reduces the chances of having adverse complications.

No guesswork is involved in gynecomastia surgery. Your cosmetic surgeon can explain to you in detail how your chest will appear like after the procedure. Before you decide to undergo this procedure, you should put some factors into consideration. They include cost, risk, and the projected outcome and the experience and qualification of your cosmetic surgeon and what sort of equipment will be used in your surgery

It is essential to choose a qualified cosmetic surgeon to carry out the procedure. This will help you to significantly reduce the risk of complications. The three main factors to consider as you select a cosmetic surgeon are skill, board certification in plastic surgery and your rapport with the professional.

One of the competent Cosmetic surgeons, who specialize in Gynecomastia surgerat Criticare Hospital and Nanavati hospital, is Dr. Parag Vibhakar. He has performed more than three hundred Gynecomastia surgery procedures, which either involve excision of the gynecomastia gland or liposuction. This procedure offers an immediate and long lasting reduction of men’s breasts. Some males have an unequal chest. When performing gynecomastia surgery, the surgeon can correct the unequal male chest, giving it a nice contour.

It is possible to correct male breasts of any size. Many men who undergo gynecomastia surgery at Criticare/Nanavati Hospital also undergo liposuction of the tummy(abdomen) at the same sitting. When this procedure is performed by an experienced surgeon such as Dr. Vibhakar, you can rest assured that you will get the best outcome. He is a board certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon who performs a number of cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction and body contouring, rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation and breast cosmetic surgery. Dr. Vibhakar is also an accomplished trauma, burns, maxillofacial, microvascular and hand surgeon.