Get Rid of Male Breast With LIPO Treatment for Safe & Guaranteed Result

Get Rid of Male Breast With LIPO Treatment for Safe & Guaranteed Result

The normal breasts in men contain both adipose and glandular tissue. Typically, true breast tissue in men is a localized, small lump that is located under the nipple and is firmer than the fatty tissue surrounding it. When the glandular tissue in the breasts of men grows, the condition is referred to as gynecomastia.

Nowadays, cosmetic surgeons can treat gynecomastia using liposuction. In part, this is due to the advances in liposuction technology, which have brought about a wide selection of techniques that are less invasive. However, the skill of a surgeon also matters. It is therefore important to choose a plastic surgeon who is skilled in performing liposuction. The surgeon should also be experienced in treating gynecomastia through liposuction. One such surgeon is Dr. Parag A. Vibhakar. He is a board certified cosmetic surgeon who performs gynecomastia surgery in Mumbai. Dr. Vibhakar has substantial training in the cosmetic and plastic surgery field and has successfully treated many patients, including celebrities over the years. Apart from running his own clinic called GynecomastiaCure, Dr. Vibhakar is also an honorary plastic surgeon to various hospitals.

The objective of liposuction is to improve the physical appearance of a patient by eliminating fat while preventing damage to the muscles or skin. If you have excessive fat in your breasts, you can expect significant improvement if you undergo tumescent liposuction.

Liposuction is most effective in treating pseudo gynecomastia, which occurs due to the buildup of fat in the part that surrounds the nipples. The chest area becomes larger progressively depending on the amount of fat deposited in it. When it comes to true gynecomastia, the underlying matter is dense breast tissue. For this reason, it is more difficult to use a liposuction cannula to penetrate and remove it.

Most healthy males have a small quantity of glandular tissue and a larger quantity of fat tissue in the breast. Microcannulas can effectively eradicate both the fatty and breast tissue from the normal breasts. If the glandular breast tissue is exceptionally dense, the best way to remove it is by using a scalpel during surgery. The surgeon will then close the area using stitches.

Gynecomastia surgery often takes 1 to 2 hours to perform, depending on the type of reduction a patient needs. Liposuction is a relatively simple procedure and it is ideal for young men with good skin elasticity. During the procedure, a surgeon makes a few tiny incisions and passes a hollow and thin metal cannula forwards and backward through the breast tissue. The cannula is attached to a suction device, which eliminates the excess tissue. Once the procedure is complete, the surgeon closes the incisions carefully to ensure that the scars are imperceptible after they heal.

The liposuction for gynecomastia cost mainly depends on the size of a patient’s chest, the hospital selected and the bed selected. As you ask for an estimate, your surgeon will inform you about the least amount of money you can expect to pay for the procedure. The cost can be significantly higher if the liposuction is performed at a tertiary care hospital and you choose a single deluxe room. The gynecomastia liposuction cost in Mumbai ranges from 60,000 to 80,000 Indian rupees.

Most men tend to choose a surgeon who charges lower fees. However, it is advisable to consider the cost in addition to the quality when planning to undergo liposuction for gynecomastia. An expert cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Parag Vibhakar may charge you more than other surgeons do, but the extra you pay will give you more value in terms of getting the best results, mental satisfaction, long term gains and safety. Make your appointment now with Dr. Vibhakar at GynecomastiaCure to get the results you want.

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