Gynecomastia Cure – A Complete Guide To The Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Gynecomastia Cure – A Complete Guide To The Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Gynecomastia is swelling of the tissue of the breasts in a man, which is caused by an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen. It occurs if the level of estrogen is higher than that of testosterone. This condition can be treated in various ways if it does not resolve on its own. Some of the methods used are medications and surgery. Male breast reduction surgery is recommended for most cases of Gynecomastia as medications are not proven to be very effective. It involves the removal of breast tissue and the fats surrounding it.

You should not let Gynecomastia keep you from feeling confident. With the assistance of a competent cosmetic surgeon, you will be able to restore the natural masculine look of your chest. The advanced techniques that cosmetic surgeons use allow for short surgery, fast recovery and minimal scarring.

Male breast reduction surgery eradicates glandular tissues and excess fat to ensure that the chest contour of the patient is firmer, flatter and more masculine. Breast operation can be performed in the form of liposuction (Power assisted liposuction)(Microaire technologies), which removes breast fat and the residual breast tissue is removed through a keyhole incision. This procedure is less invasive and has a better recovery time with minimal scarring

Mastectomy can cause complications like necrosis of the areola or nipple, breast asymmetry, possible infection, noticeable scars, hematoma and contour deformities. Surgeons perform this procedure in a personalized way from the beginning to the end. Your surgeon can customize the procedure to meet your preferences. Choosing a competent and qualified surgeon having all the latest technology back up and a good hospital for surgery greatly reduces the chances of having adverse complications.

No guesswork is involved in gynecomastia surgery. Your cosmetic surgeon can explain to you in detail how your chest will appear like after the procedure. Before you decide to undergo this procedure, you should put some factors into consideration. They include cost, risk, and the projected outcome and the experience and qualification of your cosmetic surgeon and what sort of equipment will be used in your surgery

It is essential to choose a qualified cosmetic surgeon to carry out the procedure. This will help you to significantly reduce the risk of complications. The three main factors to consider as you select a cosmetic surgeon are skill, board certification in plastic surgery and your rapport with the professional.

One of the competent Cosmetic surgeons, who specialize in Gynecomastia surgerat Criticare Hospital and Nanavati hospital, is Dr. Parag Vibhakar. He has performed more than three hundred Gynecomastia surgery procedures, which either involve excision of the gynecomastia gland or liposuction. This procedure offers an immediate and long lasting reduction of men’s breasts. Some males have an unequal chest. When performing gynecomastia surgery, the surgeon can correct the unequal male chest, giving it a nice contour.

It is possible to correct male breasts of any size. Many men who undergo gynecomastia surgery at Criticare/Nanavati Hospital also undergo liposuction of the tummy(abdomen) at the same sitting. When this procedure is performed by an experienced surgeon such as Dr. Vibhakar, you can rest assured that you will get the best outcome. He is a board certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon who performs a number of cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction and body contouring, rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation and breast cosmetic surgery. Dr. Vibhakar is also an accomplished trauma, burns, maxillofacial, microvascular and hand surgeon.

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