Male breast reduction in Mumbai – Get your chest in masculine shape

Male breast reduction in Mumbai – Get your chest in masculine shape

Gynecomastia can be called a disorder where the male chest gets so enlarged that it starts to resemble a breast. This is where male breast reduction surgery in Mumbai could prove to be so useful. Normally a male chest happens to be flat as it has little tissue beneath the nipple-areola area. However, in the case of certain men this chest tissue, located under the nipple areola, becomes bigger and leads to gynecomastia. There can be several forms of the disease – it can be a mild or a severe one. It can happen on one side or both the sides at once.

When does it manifest itself?

With the help of gynecomastia treatment in Mumbai, you can get rid of such issues in your body. This disease normally shows itself at the time of growth during puberty, which means that it happens between 14 and 18 years of a man’s life. However, in rare cases, it can start to become evident from an earlier age as well. In most cases, such a condition happens to be idiopathic in nature. In layman’s terms, this would mean there is no particular factor that causes such a disease to happen. Normally, it is assumed that gynecomastia happens because of imbalance in hormone secretion at the time of pubertal growth.

In most of these cases, it is seen that such issues get resolved by themselves. This takes a few months of course.

Warning signs

Normally, it should not take more than 6 months for this to happen. However, if it does not happen by that time then it is unlikely that the issue would be resolved on its own. There is no proper medicine as such that can be relied upon to cure this particular condition. The best form of treatment, in this case, is surely plastic surgery.

The best treatment in these cases

These days the domain of plastic surgery has advanced to such an extent that it is actually possible to get rid of the problem without leaving any gruesome scar on your chest. As has been said already, if such a growth does not resolve on its own within a period of 6 months, it is unlikely that it can be cured with anything but surgery. There is no medicine that is known to cure this disease. Surgery is still the best option over here. The good thing about this situation is that there are several doctors and surgeons these days who happen to be specialists in this particular domain.

These professionals have performed hundreds of surgeries and as such they know what works and what does not. This is why you can trust them to know what would work in your condition and treat you likewise as well. The kind of treatment that you need would not be a problem for them – it could be a liposuction or an excision of the particular gland itself. With the help of these procedures, you would get the kind of quick result that would last for ages to come – something that you are always hoping for in treatments such as these.

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